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How to sell or buy FBDplc shares.

Below is a copy of the letter Davy stockbrokers sent with the 2017 AGM notice. I have added comments in (blue)

Phone Davy for instructions - 01 614 9000

At the 2017 AGM I pointed out that 1.56m shares are in the hands of dead peoples executors, 1m shares in the hands on foreign domiciles and 600k shares belonging to shareholders currently registered as "not known at this address." The Company Secretary and Chairman assured the meeting that this was normal and that there were enough buyers for any potential flood of shares for sale, even though only 267k were sold in the last year. Davy said that they had orders, but admitted that many were at prices well below 95 cents


Share dealing in Farmer Business Developments plc - Davy (Select) Stockbrokers

Private Grey Market

Davy is pleased to offer a special rate of commission for Farmer Business Developments plc shareholders who wish to sell their share certificates and for the purchase of shares by approved buyers on the Company's private grey market.

The commission rate on sales is 1% subject to a minimum of €50 per trade.

The commission rate on purchases is 0.5% subject to a minimum of €30 per trade.

It is very simple to avail of this service. All you have to do is complete a Telephone Share Dealing Application Form, and provide a proof of identity. We require one name verification document (see my notes at the bottom of this page) and two address verification documents. Further details are in our application form, which is available on request from Davy. ( 01 614 9000 )

To sell your shares, you will need to include a letter of instruction (request to sell) with the share certificates and a signed stock transfer form.

( You then need to phone Davy, after these papers have arrived with them, to set either a "limit minimum price" that your shares cannot be sold for less than, or instruct them to sell the shares "at best available". If you are in a hurry, or have a large amount to sell, you may have to accept a price that's much, much lower than "last traded price" in order for Davy to find enough buyers.)

As part of the grey market trading process, all trades require the approval of Farmer Business Developments plc prior to execution to ensure that the character of the Company is maintained as a farmers' company.

(The Board says any new farmer shareholder must be a member of IFA, AND insured with FBD for 3 years before applying.) Davy can provide shareholders with information on recent market activity and share prices. Recent trades, prices and volumes are also available on

If you require any further information, please call Davy's dedicated dealing desk directly on 01 614 9000 between the hours of 8am - 5pm ( Monday to Friday except Bank Holidays). Alternatively you can email

More about Identity and Address documents

Davy cannot open accounts to sell shares for US residents, or most African and Asian countries, but can for most other countries like the UK, Canada, Australia, and the EU.

When you are opening an account you cannot use the same document as proof of both your identity and your address. The requirements set out here are minimum requirements and Davy might look for further information.

Proof of identity ( only 1 needed )

You can prove your identity with any of the following:
1] A valid passport
2] A current Irish driving licence
3] A National Age Card (issued by An Garda Síochána)
4] An identification form with a photograph signed by a member of An Garda Síochána
5] Documents issued by government departments showing your name.

Government documents that do not have your photograph must be verified by a person in a position of responsibility such as a solicitor, accountant, doctor or social worker who knows you. If a social worker, that person must also submit proof of their own identity.

Proof of address ( 2 of these needed )

You can provide evidence of your address with any of these documents:
1] A current utility bill (such as a gas, electricity or telephone or mobile phone bill)
2] A current car or home insurance policy that shows your address
3] A document issued by a government department that shows your address
4] A list of your tax credits
5] A current balancing statement from Revenue
6] A social insurance document (that shows your address)

Copies of all documentation used to establish the identity of the customer must be retained by Davy for 5 years after an account is closed. Also, copies of transactions must be kept for 5 years after the date of the transaction.

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