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Latest 16th May. The Board announces that it is recommending Jer Bergin and TJ Maher as nominated "shareholder representatives" instead of me at the 2018 AGM.
What an insult to the intelligence of ordinary shareholders !
The Board thinks TJ Maher, who has been on the Board for 10 years, has drawn circa. €40,000 in directors fees, but has only 500 shares, will represent your interests as shareholders better than me, who has 60,369 shares.
VOTE for me, and send your form back in the freepost envelope


- 25th March 2018
As I’m standing again for the Board, I have designed a short 1 minute survey for FBDplc Shareholders, to get their opinion as to whether or not they agree with my viewpoints. Shareholder Survey run by SurveyMonkey

This is the FIRST time anyone has ever asked the shareholders for their opinion.
Please take 1 minute to fill it, and pass it on to any other shareholders you know.
yours, Brian

How to sell or buy FBDplc shares. CLICK HERE FOR INFORMATION.

- After a long delay, the Official website is live.

Also -Reasons why you should Vote for me Register online and vote in 2019.

Also - The 2016 Consitiution is BAD FOR SHAREHOLDERS and needs changes in my opinion

Read my analysis and questions HERE

This is one of 2 websites registered by Brian Marshall, with the aim of bringing openness and transparency to a company which, in my opinion as a shareholder, has been allowed to develop far too much secrecy in what it does and how it operates.

I want to change things. Vote for me in 2018.

I am using this website as a 'traffic-catcher' for the main website on FBDplc I am developing. It can be found by clicking here -

Padraig Walshe has announced [June'15th 2016] that the Company is going to have a website at, live from 1st July - but then he said, last June, that the Company website was weeks away!

Profile of Brian Marshall
owner of Farmer Business Developments .com

Brian Marshall age 59 ( amateur webmaster )
Happily married, to Diane, and we have 2 children, Kathryn and Susanne.
As well as running websites I am an equities investor. I was a 140 acre sheep and cattle farmer until a wrist injury forced my retirement from farming.
Brief C.V.:- Former Chairman East Donegal Co-operative Agricultural Society.
Member of Irish Farmers Association
Member Irish Cattle & Sheep Farmers Association
Member MENSA
Former member Macra, where I held several committee posts, travelled as an ambassador, and won Regional communication competitions.

My LinkedIn profile is HERE

How did a farmer get into websites ? - In 2000, seeing the rapidly deteriorating financial situation in Irish beef and sheep farming, I started to register domains with an initial aim of selling them on. Having sold few, with support from Diane, I bought some software in 2001, read the manual and started to develop websites for myself. I now have approx. 40 simple affiliate marketing and Amazon Store type websites, having sold the website to Zatori in 2012.

I enjoy travel and experiencing different cultures, and have been to every major country in Europe, Nepal, Russia, India, Canada, the USA, and the Spanish and Portuguese holiday islands.

If you want to contact me, you can phone or text me at 0866037290 from the Republic.

or 00353 8660 37290 from Northern Ireland / UK / Europe

Or send a letter to me at: -
County Donegal,
Ireland F93 HK79